Vision and Plans

The initiative was announced in March 2018 as an interdisciplinary, cross faculty and all inclusive initiative at the University of Tel Aviv. It aims to advance interprofessional collaboration and education in the sphere of Bioethics, Health Law and Medical Humanities. 


Aims of the Initiative:

  • Address contemporary ethical and legal issues in the biosciences and health care

  • Amalgamate current courses and initiatives and encourage additional activities related to ethics within the training and extracurricular activities of students and staff in the faculty of medicine.

  • Serve as the first source for information and further inquiry to TAU students and others interested in deepening their knowledge in bioethics and health law matters and participating in relevant courses, seminars, programs and events at the University.

  • Support and strengthen the ethics programs at TAU teaching hospitals and affiliated facilities.

  • Engage the public in understanding and addressing ethical aspects of health care and new  biotechnologies



  • Initiating a Center for Bioethics and Law within the Sackler Faculty of Medicine

  • Set up a first of its kind Empirical Bioethics and Law Research Laboratory at Tel Aviv University

  • Encourage and prepare more practitioners and leaders in bioethics

  • Serve as a hub for research excellence in Bioethics and Health Care law and policy.

  • Encourage publications of high impact research articles in the sphere of bioethics and health law.


Planned Activities:

  • Setting up a digital media presence for the initiative to increase awareness of its activities and the relevant information entailed.

  • Initiating professional training in Bioethics and Health Law for practitioners as part of the faculty’s continuing education program.

  • Initiating a Master’s program in Bioethics and Health Care regulation – including a capstone experience.

  • Providing opportunity for foreign students and faculty to engage with the bioethics research activities and program in TAU MED School.

  • Establish a rotation program with leading Bioethics Centers in other countries